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Corporate Profile
Eaton, Eaton Qatar

Eaton is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of high quality fire systems. With the ability to provide complete systems, not just components, you can be confident in the knowledge that all of the products have been specifically designed and tested to ensure that they are all fully compatible to form a reliable and compliant fire detection and alarm system.

Fire Alarm System

Fire Panels and repeater panels | Addressable devices | UL listed devices | Conventional devices | Emergency voice communication (VoCALL) | Voice Alarm systems – Speakers

‚ÄčOur Major Projects:

  • Qatar Armed Forces

  • Labor Accommodation in Industrial Area

  • Hookah Cafe at Al Saad

Key Notes:

  • Addressable Fire Detection and Alarm comply both EN and UL range of products

  • Conventional Fire Alarm

  • Voice Evacuation and Fire Telephone Systems

  • Public Address Voice Evacuation System (PAVA)

  • Cooper Notification Appliance Devices - Wheelock (UL Listed)

  • Qatar Civil Defence approved products