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Corporate Profile
Oman Cables Qatar, Cables and Wires Qatar, OCI

We are the key distributor and authorised seller of Oman Cables Industry in Qatar. Oman Cables is one of the top cables and wires producers and is ranked top 100 worldwide. Oman Cables build distinctive and custom solutions for every client that are catered to their energy requirements within the present and future.


Medium Voltage Cables | Low Voltage Cables | Fire Resistant Cables | Building Wires and Cables

‚ÄčOur Major Projects:

  • Vendome Mall

  • Mega Reservoir at Umm Salal

  • 100 Villas at Markhia

  • The Pearl- Qatar and Hundreds of other Projects

Key Notes:

  • Totally integrated variety of medium voltage power cables, low voltage power cables and control cables

  • Ranked within the top global Wire and Cable Producers - leading cabling partner in the MENA Region

  • Over three decades of experience in supply of quality products

  • Conforms to the most stringent local and international quality standards

  • Innovative and reliable solutions to the construction industry

  • Our products are known to be a good mix of quality, durability and price in the market

Medium Voltage (MV) Cables

Medium Voltage (MV) Cables

Oman Cables has state of the art technology and equipment to manufacture high quality Medium Voltage up to 33kV

PVC  Wires & Cables

PVC Wires & Cables

Oman Cables produces the full range of house wiring cables from 1.5 mm² to 1000 mm² with wide range of core colours.

Fire Rated Cables & Wires

Fire Rated Cables & Wires

600/1000V grade , plan annealed copper conductor, glass mica tapped, XLPE insulated, multi-core cables laid up and inner sheathed with LSF (or LSOH/LSZH), round galvanized steel wire armoured and outer jacket with LSF (or LSOH/LSZH)

Low Voltage (LV) Cables

Low Voltage (LV) Cables

Low Voltage power cables are constructed with rigid, solid or stranded, copper and aluminium conductors, and flexible (bare or tin-plated) copper conductors. XLPE, PVC, LSF/LSOH and elastomer compounds are the main insulating and shielding compounds for these cable types.