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Wiring Devices


Masterseal Plus™ has been specifically developed for use in both outdoor and indoor environments, and where wiring devices and accessories would be at risk from penetration by dust or water.


Masterseal Plus ™ has been tested to levels well in excess of British Standards. Masterseal Plus ™ safeguards users in the harshest of environments.


With a superb rating of IP66, Masterseal Plus ™ is dust-tight to any ingress, and water-tight against high-pressure water jets from any directions, when in use.


The enclosures are made from polycarbonate, one of the toughest thermoplastics available. Masterseal Plus ™ will not discolor, crack or fade in UV light, and will maintain operation in extremes of heat and cold.  


Utilising MK’s 3-Pin operated safety shutter that prevents misuse and unsafe access to live circuitry, Masterseal Plus ™ offers the user the peace of mind of comfort that they have the safest range of wiring devices available, installed in their surroundings.


Masterseal Plus ™ is guaranteed for an industry-leading 20 years. (10 years for electronic products)