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MK Qatar, MK Suppliers Qatar, MK Switches and sockets, MK Wiring devices

نحن الموزع الحصريّ في قطر للأدوات السلكيّة للعلامة التجارية إم كيه من شركة هانيويل لأكثر من 45 عاماً.

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MK Qatar, Wiring Devices

ألباني بلاس

A metal, flush mounting range of wiring devices.

MK Qatar, Wiring Devices


A slimline metal, flush mounting range of wiring devices with screwless frontplates.

MK Qatar, Wiring Devices


Ultra slim clip-on frontplates of 4mm which conceals screws.

MK Qatar, Wiring Devices

اكسسوارات السقف، ومعتمات الضوء، والصناديق، والملحقات

A comprehensive range of white ceiling accessories for all requirements.

MK Qatar, Wiring Devices


A range of industrial “Commando” triple pole and neutral Safety Switches designed to provide IP65 ingress protection.



MK DIMENSIONS features the latest product innovations, including integrated USB sockets, LED dimmers and multimedia plates – all designed to meet the exacting needs of any application.

Dura Plugs & Adaptors

مقابس ومحولات ديورا

Duraplug® offers a wide range of products including a complete range of safety extension leads featuring rubber covered plugs, extension leads, trailing sockets, lead connectors and cable couplers.

MK Qatar, Wiring Devices


A modern square edged range of wiring devices with metal, glass effect, natural & synthetic finished front plates designed to be fixed within and flush to the colour co-ordinated moulded trim.

MK Qatar, Wiring Devices


A comprehensive range of screwless wiring devices that offers a clean and modern aesthetic

MK Qatar, Wiring Devices

جريد بلس

A modular switching and monitoring wiring device system.

MK Qatar, Wiring Devices


A metal flatplate flush mounting range of wiring accessories, made in UK.

MK Qatar, Wiring Devices

لوجيك بلس

A Urea moulded Anti-Bacterial range of wiring accessories, designed with a soft curved edge and a chamfered top edge that prevents dust collection, whilst offering a slim unobtrusive appearance.

MK Qatar, Wiring Devices

ماسترسيل بلس

A range of water and dust tight enclosures, rated at IP66 when in use, manufactured from UV stable thermoplastic material and utilizing a gel gasket seal and easy to open catch mechanism.

MK Qatar, Wiring Devices

ميتال كلاد بلس

A metal, surface and flush mounting range of wiring devices.

MK Qatar, Wiring Devices

سليم لاين بلس

The new MK Slimline Plus range offers a wide range of accessories, which are unobtrusive and practical.