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كابلات الجهد المتوسط | كابلات الجهد المنخفض | كابلات مقاومة للحريق | بناء الأسلاك والكابلات

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Medium Voltage (MV) Cables

كابلات الجهد المتوسط

كابلات الجهد المتوسط

PVC  Wires & Cables

كابلات وأسلاك ال بي في سي

Oman Cables produces the full range of house wiring cables from 1.5 mm² to 1000 mm² with wide range of core colours.

Fire Rated Cables & Wires

الكابلات والأسلاك المقاومة للحريق

600/1000V grade , plan annealed copper conductor, glass mica tapped, XLPE insulated, multi-core cables laid up and inner sheathed with LSF (or LSOH/LSZH), round galvanized steel wire armoured and outer jacket with LSF (or LSOH/LSZH)

Low Voltage (LV) Cables

كابلات الجهد المنخفض

Low Voltage power cables are constructed with rigid, solid or stranded, copper and aluminium conductors, and flexible (bare or tin-plated) copper conductors. XLPE, PVC, LSF/LSOH and elastomer compounds are the main insulating and shielding compounds for these cable types.